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CURTH+ROTH delivers insights for successful brand management

Position your brand closer to your customer's needs

Brand Status

Building blocks for strong brands

Naming-Evaluation • Image-Analysis • Brand-Status

  • Brand equity
  • Brand personality
  • Anchoring of visual codes
  • Re-branding, re-positioning
  • Brand-Stretching
  • Strengths/weaknesses-analysis
  • Market-potential evaluation

Persuasion power, qualified leads

  • Comprehensibility of the campaign concept
  • Understanding of individual decoding processes
  • Verification of relevance, persuasiveness, differentiation
  • Brand fit
  • Improvement options

More bang for the buck: optimization of ad campaigns

Concept-Test • Pre-Test • Post-Test

  • Communication performance (assertiveness in real advertising environment, attention curves, likes + dislikes, activation, response etc.)
  • Brand impact
Evaluation Product and service concepts

Pass the competition with target group optimization

  • Needs analysis
  • Concept evaluation (product/service ideas, needs/ relevance, strength/weakness analysis, usage patterns (U&A) competition analysis, opportunities for optimization)
  • Evaluation of product key-features, likes/dislikes, purchasing behavior (drivers and barriers, price threshold analysis)
  • Customer satisfaction studies
Target groups/ customer segmentation

Focussing on the right target group with the perfect message:

From customer segmentation to personas

  • Insights about attitudes,values, motivators of target groups
  • Usage/behavioral patterns, purchasing behavior, selection processes, purchase drivers and barriers

More sales volume with better packaging:

Packaging tests • packaging concept evaluation

  • Concept understanding
  • Appeal of visual, haptic, handling
  • Brand fit
  • Selling power at the POS
  • Improvement options