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Headstart through consumer + customer insights


From product specifications to involving marketing campaigns …

… you want to make well-founded decisions leading to successful products/campaigns. We accompany you throughout the entire product and brand life cycle, from innovation process to campaign optimization.

We provide customer insigths. National, international. Passionately. Independently.

Our „vision to reality“ incorporates:

Action oriented, customer insights based recommendations. Enabling you to make sound decisions - leading to strong brands and succesful products.

Range of services

  • Evaluation of early ideas and concepts
  • Exploration of customer attitudes and requirements
  • Determination of success factors
  • Strategy optimization
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring


  • Industry exeprience
  • Broad bandwith of methods
  • Intercultural expertise
  • Dedicated
  • Adaptive, flexible
  • Reliable
  • On time + on budget

At CURTH+ROTH you will meet intellectually curious characters

Meet the high competence and international experience of managing directors Johannes Roth & Jochen Curth and their employees.

Trust in a functioning team of market research experts, communication scientists and psychologists.

We work interdisciplinary. Impartially. Efficiently.

This is our approach to solve your problem in a result-oriented way.

Johannes Roth and Jochen Curth

Johannes Roth — Jochen Curth

Johannes Roth
Dipl. Psychologe

With his knowledge, his deep understanding of inter-cultural relations and as an inspiring source of ideas, Johannes Roth continues to impress.

25 years of experience managing national and international research and consulting projects.

Main areas of expertise:

  • IT- and financial services
  • Automotive
  • Health care
  • Complex services
  • E-commerce

Jochen Curth
Dipl. Kaufmann

His thoughtful analyses and deep methodological understanding help to remained focused on the central thread and to arrive at pragmatic decisions.

22 years of experience managing international research and consulting projects.

Stops: project lead at IPSOS and Research International

Main areas of expertise:

  • Financial services
  • IT
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Telecommunication
  • B2B

We are market researchers with heart and mind

Analysts & Lateral Thinkers

Researchers & Explorers

Sociologists, Psychologists & Marketing - Experts


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Market Research, Usability, Innovation Consulting since 1999 – Selected Milestones


Focus in 2015 is clearly on ethnographic research as well as on innovation projects. We have been deeply involved with autonomous driving, human-interface interaction and car-entertainment as well as with smart-home, application scenarios for private multi-media usage (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs, smart-TV, networked audio systems) and networked medical devices (in labs, clinics and at home): a very instructive and inspirational year.


CURTH+ROTH celebrate the 15th anniversary and the most successful financial year since the foundation. Re-location within Hamburg from Altona to lively St.Georg. We deal intensively with re-positioning and branding topics as well as classical market research, e.g. for financial service providers.


Full service market research and brand consultation in 12 industries – core areas are car clinic studies for electric- and hybrid vehicles as well as qualitative projects in the luxury segment, online packaging test, image studies and re-positioning of brands and products. Plus: Insight-community studies.


Our industry knowledge convinces European clients in life science (diabetes management), financial services (credit cards), consumer electronics (printers), IT, logistics and automotive.


Trend: More and more clients do not opt for classical methods like focus groups and in-depth interviews. They rather want a deeper understanding of their customers’ living environment. We interview consumers at their living room table (in-home interviews, ethnographic approach) or in their working environment and we work often with videos taken by participants.

We investigate customer communication in life science (surgery, diabetes, dialysis) consumer electronics, NPOs, and logistics and analyze the user experience of online shops.


CURTH+ROTH shakes off the symptoms of the crisis. The economical recovery proceeds rapidly. We pick up postponed research projects and acquire American and European customers in medical technology and IT-business. Our investments in strategic partnerships pay off.


We continue long-term oriented competition and positioning analyses in agricultural chemistry. For clients from IT and consumer electronics, we helped to optimize sales communications ....