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Market Research in Berlin

Qualitative and quantitative market research in Berlin

Berlin, the German capital was for many years an almost isolated island in the middle of the former GDR. Thus the Berlin culture is different from the rest of Germany. Berliners are known for their individual lifestyles and their charming and down to earth approach to live. Berlin is a magnet for people from all over the world and a creative hotspot. Thus Berlin with its abundance of theaters, museums, universities, art schools, artists, performers and innovative business owners is an ideal location for co-creation workshops and innovation research. Special target groups like creative consumers, trendsetters, nerds but as well sophistaced audiences from business and politics can be recruited in Berlin with lower effort than in many other cities. The grain of salt: Berlin results are not always representative for other parts of Germany.

CURTH+ROTH conducted market research in Berlin for topics as:

  • new generation of blood glucose meters
  • social media acceptance
  • home automation
  • connected communities
  • sharing economy
  • social apps
  • electric vehicles
  • autonomeous cars
  • car clinic for a new truck brand
  • usability and branding for a used cars platform
  • MMORPG (online role playing games)
  • New treatments for cancer
  • packaging
  • new drinks
  • vendor management
  • solving channel conflicts
  • fashion retail platform

CURTH+ROTH deployed in Berlin market research methods as:

  • focus groups
  • in-depths interviews
  • online diaries,
  • online focus-groups
  • usability labs
  • co-creation workshops
  • ethnographic research including full immersion
  • hybrid qualitative-quantitative research with the PerceptionAnalyzertm

What topics can we research for you in Berlin?