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Qualitative and quantitative market research in Cologne

Cologne is an important trade city - since medieval times. Thus its inhabitants are open to strangers and to change. New influences will easily be assimilated. As a result citizens of Cologne with their communicative and optimistic attitude tend to be rather creative and future oriented (whilst being rooted in more than 2000 years of history). This is one of the reasons why so many renowned media companies are located in Cologne. But Cologne is not only a host to (new-)media and the advertising industry - it incorporates the European headquarter of the Ford Motors Company and Bayer (Leverkusen) but as well as the German headquarter of Toyota and Mazda (Leverkusen).

CURTH+ROTH offers you in Cologne the full spectrum of qualitative methods: ethnographic observation, face-to-face interviews (IDIs), triads, focus groups, creative groups, online groups but as well hybrid methods. Those hybrid-methods (like fieldwork with the Perception Analyzertm or Microsoft Pulsetm) are ideal to evaluate filmed content (movies, documentations, educational films) or speeches.

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