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Market Research in Hamburg

Market Research / Hamburg

The city of Hamburg is Germany's second largest city with 1.8 Mio inhabitants and home to one of Europe's largest ports. The harbour contributes to the economic well being of the city as well as

  • manufactures like: Airbus Industries, Mercedes, Stihl, Jungheinrich, Phillips, Hauni, Beiersdorf
  • trade organisations like: the OTTO-Group, Tchibo,
  • media companies like: Bertelsmann, Spiegel Group or Studio Hamburg (TV Studios and Film Production)
  • logistic companies like Hermes, HHLA, Rhenus Maritime ....

Hamburg as research location is well suited for qualitative market research projects - for B2B as well as for B2C research topics.

From idea generation to concept and product evaluation, from communication / copy tests to evaluation of postioning and branding strategy. For topics like FMCG, gaming, financial services, packaging design, ….

We offer a wide range from proven research methodologies: qualitative in-depth interviews, expert interviews, triads, mini focus groups and focus groups; workshops and qualitative usability tests.

In Hamburg we will find the relevant target groups for you: innovative consumers, healthcare professionals, IT specialists, financial experts, journalists, B2B decision makers or scientists.

How can the experienced moderators from CURTH+ROTH help you and your brand to become more successful?

Market Research in Hamburg