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Market research in Leipzig

Market Research Leipzig

Leipzig is one of the cities which benefited most from Germanies reunification. The dynamic attitude of the city inspired renowned companies like Siemens, BMW and Porsche to invest in Leipzig. The city took great efforts to live up to its cultural heritage.

Don't miss the Gruederviertel in Leipzig (a traditional city neighbourhood from the 19th century). Its buildings display elaborate stucko designs. People like the flair and the variety of small restaurants in the area.

Thus Leipzig is a great location to conduct research in the former GDR. It provides good access to target groups like:

  • small business owners
  • craftspeople
  • engineers
  • middle management
  • DIY customers
  • car owners (A to D segment, MPVs, SUVs, LCVs)
  • garden enthusiasts
  • users of pharmaceutical and other health products

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