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Market research in Munich

Qualitative and quantitative market research in Munich

Munich is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe and favoured by the sun. Thus it has the reputation to be the most northern city of Italy. It is the traditional capital of Bavaria and was the residence of King Ludwig II. Among the royal heritage is the famous Nymphenburg Castle with its marvelous gardens.

Not only the Oktoberfest but rather the many beergardens (Biergärten) are typical for the Munich outdoor culture. People either bring their own food to the beergardens or enjoy local specialities like 'Steckerlfisch' (grilled fish on a stick) or the famous 'Weisswurst' (white veal sausage) whilst sampling one of the local beers. Of course market research is mostly conducted indoors. In and around Munch you can find many clusters like automotive, life science, medical research, aerospace ... thus Munich provides good access to sophisticated target groups like scientists, IT-experts, automotive specialists, architects, finance experts, highly affluent individuals (HNWIs), business owners ...

CURTH+ROTH conducted in Munich market research projects for topics as:

  • campaign evaluation
  • affluent life styles
  • high-end home entertainment
  • laboratory management systems
  • diagnostic systems
  • home automation
  • virtual private assistants
  • wealth-management products
  • image of a private bank
  • collectors watches
  • corporate information technology
  • facility management
  • productivity tools

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