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Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is the method of choice when it is about the "WHY“, identifying attitudes and understanding behavior.

When dealing with opinion formation or decision making processes, qualitative methods allow you to uncover to uncover hidden motives and emotions that could impact your strategy.

Quantitative Online Research

Quantitative Online Research

Whenever it is about precise measurements and estimating potentials, go with solid quanitative methods.

Is your goal is to achieve a more secure business decision? Our research methodology delivers. You’ll get well-founded figures and analyses, based on statistically valid and representative results.

Qualitative market research - focus groups

Smart decisions - based on better insights

Do you know your customers unmet needs? Do you know why your customers are loyal? Do you have the right products correctly positioned? Qualitative research helps you finding the right answers.

Our team members are experienced researchers with many years of moderation experience. They are able to reliably manage the intricate relationship between research subject and researcher, and gather qualitative data that achieves the research goals. When you get authentic answers, you get better data and insight. Now, that’s smart!

Focus groups / mini groups/ Online groups

IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS (in a facility or in-home)


Focus groups • Mini-groups • Online-groups

The groups dynamic are important to research. It helps you to understand individual and social opinion forming processes.

Group discussions often reveal customer insights. This helps you to anticipate tomorrows customers needs and attitudes.


  • Idea generation / ideation
  • Concept- and product tests
  • Image analysis
  • Brand-Mapping
  • Generation of items and hypothesis for quantitative surveys
Quantitative Market Research Methods

Exact data for sound decisions

Online and mobile research delivers fast results. It is suitable for brand tracking as well as for getting reassurance for decisions within a short amount of time.

We design the study together with you, monitor the data collection and analyse the data dilligently.

Online / mobile market research


  • Evaluation of concepts, products, advertising, packaging
  • Conjoint measurment
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Brand tracking, etc.

Results you can rely upon: optimial study design, thoughtful sample selection, diligent analysis and action oriented reporting.

Individual market research methodologies

When you want to dig deeper…

Accelerating ideation processes, examining complex shop models, investigating small market segments – specific requests require specific methods. Call us to learn what we would recommend for your project!

Our strengths:

  • Great affinity to brands / communication
  • High economical understanding
  • Affinity to technology / technological subjects
  • Diverse industry and market research experience
  • Joy of dealing with complex questions
  • Curiosity, creativity