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Forschungsorte - Berlin, Brandenburger Tor, Blauer Himmel, Bild

Market research in Berlin

The cosmopolitan Berlin is a very dynamic and young city. That is why Berlin is very well suited for tracking down urban trends with market research. Although Berlin is not typical for most of Germany, important impulses emanate from here.

One reason Berlin is so special is because of its diverse population. The city is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, and this is reflected in its architecture, museums, theater and arts scenes. There is hardly any other city that offers such a variety of cultural activities.

The political landscape of Berlin is also unique. The city is not only the capital of Germany, but also the seat of the federal government and the Bundestag. It is therefore an important political arena that has both national and international significance.

Berlin is therefore an ideal location to research stakeholder value or to understand investment approval processes. Psychologically sound individual interviews are particularly suitable for this purpose.

In Berlin, for example, CURTH+ROTH carried out a number of projects on topics such as 'street fashion' and 'sustainable fashion'. While Düsseldorf stands for 'high fashion', Berlin is known for wearable, individual styles.

For example, we have accompanied fashion influencers with diary studies in order to understand how they deal with the topic of fashion and society.

We then validated the findings from the online diaries with group discussions and desk research.

Berlin is also the vegan capital of Germany with the largest proportion of people nationwide who eat (at least mostly) plant-based food. This is why food trends can be researched particularly well in Berlin. In Berlin, for example, CURTH+ROTH used focus groups and in-depth interviews to research flexitarian eating styles and evaluated packaging designs for plant-based products.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are many things that make Berlin so special. Its eventful history, its diverse population and its political importance make Berlin a city like no other. Therefore, in many cases it makes sense to include Berlin in a qualitative and/or quantitative research design.

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