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Forschungsorte - Dresden, Frauenkirche Dresden, Kuppel, Bild

Market research in Dresden

Dresden is famous for its rich culture. The deep cultural roots of many Dresdeners is a good basis for exciting individual interviews and group discussions. Focus groups in Dresden are usually an inspiring source of inspiration, also because of the direct mentality of the Dresdeners.

The Saxon metropolis of Dresden is conveniently located for transport to many important economic areas and offers excellent educational opportunities and therefore many qualified specialists. This is another reason why Dresden has developed into an important business location. The sectors with the highest turnover are the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, and microelectronics / ICT. Other important branches of industry are environmental / energy technology, life sciences or railway, and die  aerospace technology.


Some important companies in Dresden are:

  • Global foundries (chip production)

  • Infinion (chip production)

  • VW (automobile production, start-up funding)

  • TDDK (automotive supplier - belongs to Toyota)

  • Elbe-Flugzeugwerke (contract production for Airbus)

  • GlaxoSmithKline (pharmaceuticals)

  • VEM  Sachsenwerk (mechanical engineering)

  • Von Ardenne Anlagen-Technik (mechanical engineering)

  • ZEISS Group (digital innovations, metrology...)

  • And not to forget the many artisan stollen bakers who bake around 5 million Christmas stollen every year and thus contribute to the importance of the Dresden food industry, as do the Feldschlößchen Bauerei and the Dresden margarine factory.


In Dresden, CURTH+ROTH researched, among other things, the changes in automobile production (automation, robotics) and topics such as new occupational safety concepts, air hygiene, emission reduction and more.

For a mineral water brand that is also sold in Dresden, CURTH+ROTH tested various designs for a new branding with an online survey. Through this concept test, the customer received important decision-making bases for a successful re-branding.

Dresden is also known for its lively start-up scene and offers companies the opportunity to develop in an innovative and entrepreneur-friendly environment. That is why Dresden is also a good location for B-to-B market research.

In Dresden, CURTH+ROTH researched what distinguishes a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs from more traditional entrepreneurs.

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