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Market research in Hamburg

The Hanseatic city of Hamburg is still characterized by Germany's largest seaport. Although the port is deep inland, it plays a major role in the international movement of goods. For centuries, this international exchange has not only transported goods but also ideas. That is why the climate in Hamburg is still characterized by the respect for those who think differently.

It is not for nothing that some of the most important national media offerings and advertising design agencies are based in Hamburg or have their roots here:

  • Newspapers and magazines:
    Spiegel, Manager Magazin, Die ZEIT; Stern, Bunte and other titles from the publishing groups: Axel Springer, Bauer, Funke, Gruner& Jahr (RTL Group), Jahr Top Spezial Verlag, Jahreszeiten Verlag and the titles of the Milchstraße publishing group that now belongs to Burda

  • TV, radio and cinema (over 1000 companies)
    NDR, Studio Hamburg, Spiegel TV, Radio Hamburg, Classic Radio, Network Movie, Corazón International, Cinemaxx ...

  • Book publishers
    Rowohlt, Carlsen, Hofmann & Campe,

  • Communication agencies
    Scholz&Friends, Jung von Matt, Leagas Delaney, Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hirschen Group, Heimat, Fischer Appelt, Attention, Proximity, KNSK, Kolle Rebbe, Mutabor, Peter Schmidt Group ...

  • Digital economy
    New-Work, Bigpoint, goodgame studios, Dropbox, Google Germany, Twitter, Gamigo, Daedalic Entertainment, Chess24, Tipp24, InnoGames, Parship, ElitePartner, Immonet, Otto-Group, netshops

  • Music industry
    Edel Music, Warner, BMG, Roba Music Verlag, Soulfood, Indigo, Carsten Jahnke ...

The port and the centuries-old seafaring tradition make Hamburg a good location for market research in the areas of: import, export, logistics, cruise tourism, food trade etc.

Hamburg is well suited for qualitative market research, for both B2B and B2C market research.

From brainstorming to concept testing to developing a brand strategy (branding). For topics like FMCG, gaming, financial investments, packaging design...

From qualitative individual interviews (in-depth interviews, in-depth interviews, IDI) to focus groups From expert interviews to creative workshops or UX labs (user experience tests).

There are many relevant target groups in Hamburg: be they innovative consumers, health care professionals, IT specialists, financial experts, journalists, managers or scientists.

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