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Forschungsorte – Leipzig, Bundesverwaltungsgericht Leipzig, Bild

Market research in Leipzig

Leipzig is an ideal destination for qualitative market research.

As one of the largest cities in Germany, Leipzig is an important business and innovation location.

With large sectors such as IT and communication services, mechanical engineering, logistics, the automotive industry, transport and tourism, Leipzig offers a wide range of opportunities for companies.

The city administration writes on the website about Leipzig as a business location:

'The Leipzig location is currently experiencing a new start-up period with currently an estimated 150 to 200 start-ups working here. While start-ups in the e-commerce sector, such as Spreadshirt (500 employees today), initially settled in the city, sectors such as big data (e.g. data virtuality, web data solutions, ApiOmat, Solution Engine) and start-ups later settled there in the area of infrastructure, such as energy (e.g. Energy2market, Rhebo, SENEC/Deutsche Energieversorgung) or mobility (nextbike, ekoio, busnetworx).

In the fields of life science, health and medical technology, futalis and PHACON, for example, have become established players.

Today Leipzig is more successful than any other location in East Germany in attracting start-ups from other cities that move their main business to Leipzig (e.g. DIPAT, QLX, Sensape,, Wundercurves, SelfID Technologies) or open branches (e.g. trivago , CHECK24, Verivox). Leipzig is a digital hub.`

The people in Leipzig are tolerant and open to new ideas and concepts.  Leipzig is one of the cities from the former GDR that has most successfully shaped the upheaval after reunification. The symbiosis of both cultures has led to a future-oriented climate in Leipzig. Nevertheless, there are many people in Leipzig who have to plan their expenses very carefully. That's why Leipzig is a good location to find out whether a new product has a realistic market chance.

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