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Market research in Frankfurt

The banking metropolis of Frankfurt is indispensable in market research when it comes to IT research, studies on financial products, financial markets and studies in the luxury segment. As a location for many corporate headquarters, the ECB, leading investment private and commercial banks and international fund managers, Frankfurt allows good access to a discerning audience.

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport) is an internationally important hub and not only important for the logistics sector and the tourism industry, but also for many global players.

Studies on topics such as buying behavior, customer segmentation, investor relations, innovations and tourism can be carried out in Frankfurt just as well as car clinics, usability research or innovation labs.

CURTH+ROTH supports you in Frankfurt

  • In-depth industry knowledge - from financial services to automotive, medical technology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and healthcare to consumer electronics

  • Proven qualitative and quantitative market research methods (ethnographic observations, in-depth interviews, focus groups, creative groups, online methods, ConJoint and BPTO (brand-price-trade-off) methods or hybrid methods)

  • Demanding recruiting of executives and high-net-worth individuals, for example

  • Research-based recommendations for action that you can work with directlyto be able to

More research locations

Forschungsorte - Hamburg.png
Forschungsorte – Hamburg - overlay.png
Forschungsorte - Berlin.png
Forschungsorte – Berlin - overlay.png
Forschungsorte – Frankfurt.png
Forschungsorte – Frankfurt - overlay.png
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Forschungsorte – Leipzig - overlay.png
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Forschungsorte – Dresden - overlay.png
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Forschungsorte – Düsseldorf - overlay.png
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Forschungsorte – Köln - overlay.png

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