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Market research in Dusseldorf

Fashion, high fashion and the luxurious splendor of Königsallee: all of this is part of Düsseldorf, like carnival, the "longest bar in the world" (old town), the media harbour, Heinrich Heine University or the office buildings of many DAX-listed companies.

As a traditional trading city, Düsseldorf has developed a life-affirming culture open to the new and has attracted a range of modern service providers. As the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, the metropolis is also the proverbial desk of the Ruhr area ... and the largest city in Japan outside of Japan.

At CURTH+ROTH, we find this socio-cultural and economic range that Düsseldorf offers particularly interesting for market research. In our view, the city is a

Ideal location for:

  • consumer research

  • CarClinic

  • usability research

  • innovation research

  • media research

  • B-2-B research

  • pharmaceutical research

... in sectors such as:

  • luxury goods

  • high fashion

  • Beauty and health care

  • logistics

  • automotive

  • banking and finance

  • Consulting

  • advertising, PR

  • media

Your advantages with CURTH+ROTH:

  • qualitative and quantitative market research

  • understandable methods

  • experienced consultants and moderators

  • fast, concrete and actionable results

  • clear recommendations for action

Other research locations

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