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Market research in Munich

Munich is a city with a vibrant urban culture and an ideal place for qualitative market research. The combination of traditional Bavarians and modern, multicultural city dwellers creates a field of tension in which new ideas are evaluated with their own mixture of down-to-earthness and future orientation.

As the state capital of Bavaria, Munich is also well suited to investigate possible regional differences between, for example, the 'Prussians' in Berlin or Hanover and the Bavarian population. Munich also has a rich history as a business hub, making it an ideal location for qualitative market research. It has a rich selection of companies that enable researchers to obtain the most accurate insights possible. Regardless of whether you are researching consumer behavior or industrial production, Munich offers a wide range of dialogue groups.

Munich is one of the cities with the highest cost of living. It is therefore relatively easy to recruit very wealthy consumers here. Be it for studies with financial decision-makers, or for a customer journey in the upper price segment or for automotive research. 

Munich is also known as the northernmost city of Italy. One reason for this is that people in Munich enjoy enjoying high-quality food. Be it the Bavarian delicacies or a high-quality, award-winning kitchen, the offer in Munich is very diverse. Many Munich residents have high culinary standards. That is why the Bavarian state capital is also a good location to examine food and beverage innovations.

Munich is a popular location for corporate headquarters. In addition to Siemens, Allianz, Munich Re and BMW, almost all well-known IT, microelectronics and telecommunications companies can be found here. This includes companies like Microsoft, Telefonica, Infinion, Amazon etc. 

Munich is also very popular with medium-sized companies. According to the Munich Chamber of Commerce, more than 10,000 of the leading medium-sized companies can be found in the city area

In addition, there are many scientific institutions and universities in Munich for researchers to carry out qualitative market research. Many of these institutions have strong ties to the local economy, making it easier for researchers to access company-specific data. 

Due to its uniqueness and diversity, Munich is an excellent place for qualitative market research. It offers researchers a rich choice of consumers, companies and scientists as well as access to a variety of data sources.

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